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Charitable Request Guidelines

1.The Request
Everyone requesting donations must submit a completed ”Charitable Request Form” by the 15th day of the previous month. All requests are reviewed at a monthly staff meeting. Information provided is kept confidential and subject to verification.

2. Serving Wine?
No support will be given to licensed events or functions that serve wine that is not that of Quai du Vin. Please review the wine sponsorship options below. (#10)

3. Will that Be Cash?
Quai du Vin does not provide direct financial donations or sponsorships.

4. Now that’s Getting Personal!
Quai du Vin does not provide support for events or activities deemed to be of a personal nature. Examples include: Stag & Does, Retirements, Trip fundraisers, etc.

5. Are you of Age?
As a licensed winery, Quai du Vin can not provide direct support to youth or youth related activities.

6. And the Winner is ...
The granting of donations is a total staff decision. That decision is final. All requests submitted will receive a response. Approved requests will be notified of an offer.
Donation preferences are given to activities or charities benefiting Elgin County and surrounding area. Preference also given, but not limited, to those events or activities that highlight donations or sponsorships by Quai du Vin.

7. You want that where? And when?
Quai du Vin does not deliver the physical donation. Arrangements must be made for pick-up. Quai du Vin staff are not provided for off-site events or wine tastings. If you wish to consider hosting an event of that nature here at Quai du Vin, then let’s talk!

8. The Big Picture
The management at Quai du Vin welcomes the opportunity to assist in new and innovative fundraising ideas, especially when they can be hosted at our outdoor tent event site during the spring and summer. Let us show you the grounds!

9. The Offering
Contributions most often take the form of (but are not limited to) a gift pack, gift basket or a grouping of event tickets. The nature of the contribution is at the discretion of Quai du Vin.

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