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Events: Studio Arts Rock Festival - 2-8pm

Studio Arts Rock Festival

Stdio Arts is the largest rock school in Canada, it produces some of our country's best young musicians, and it's home is right here in Elgin County! Come and join these talented youth as they perform music from rock, country and pop genres. Enjoy the music of the Beatles with two tribute bands: Help (teens), and the incredible Stink Beatles (9 yrs 0f age). Classic Rock from the legends from Led Zepplin to Neil Young will be performed by Sound Addiction. Maddizurri (two seven year old wonders) will get you boppin' with the top pop songs of today. Country fans will enjoy the Johnny Reid style of Austin Gagnier, and the Carry Underwood style of Marissa Amaral. There is so much more! Genevieve Fisher is scheduled to be our Headline Act! Dont Miss It!

Tickets are $14.00. Tickets sold for this event are subject to $2.00 fee per transaction, as 100% of the proceeds go to Studio Arts.

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